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Our FAQ section is a curated collection of the most common questions and concerns our customers have. It's designed to provide you with quick and easy access to information about our services, policies, and procedures. Whether you're inquiring about booking details, payment options, or after-sales support, our FAQs are here to guide you.

Yes, infants (below 24 months old) need to be booked a flight ticket. This ticket should be booked from your agent if you need a SEAT for your infant. In that case, you will have to pay a child fare. This fare can be more/less than 70% of adult fare + taxes. However, if you do not need a seat for the baby and will prefer to carry her/him in your laps, you may pay  infant fare (around more/less 10% of adult fare + taxes) either at the airport or at the time of reservation.
By using an open-jaw ticket, you can book to fly from a different airport on return. Also you can fly from Heathrow and return at Manchester (etc) if the airline you are booked with operates to/from both airports. However such a ticket can be slightly expensive than a usual ticket.
Early reservation, at least six months before date of travel is cheaper and travelers get more choice among airline, flying out dates etc as seats are open and available at most popular airlines.
In plain words, last minute reservation is a gamble that is more often lost than won. Especially in peak seasons, seats at the last minute are scarcely available and can be very expensive. Therefore, leaving your travel arrangements to last minute is not recommended.
It is not necessary that if you are going to the same destination and have same dates, the fares for that flight will be same for everyone. As some particular number of seats can be on the sale offering promotional or cheap fares, and once that number of seats is filled, the other remaining seats are sold at regular fares. Such as, Fare for class X(20 seats) in economy cabin can be cheaper than class Y(10 seats) in economy cabin etc. Hence, the best is served to the early birds. Also, in case where each group member has a different date to depart or return, the fares can be different too based on the availability of seats. Therefore, it is highly recommended to reserve group reservations as early as possible and make full payments well in time.
The Group Reservation must be made in advance as obtaining seats on a particular date can be difficult. Moreover, some airline do not permit reservations booked for more than 6 people together while some carriers offer special cheap group flight fares. Special fares can only be availed by advance reservations. The booking can be made over the phone; however it is better to send names / passport numbers in email, in case of a larger group.
Print out the ticket and keep it in hand, along with your passport at the airport during check-in.  Also, 48 to 72 hours before flights, always make a call to the Travel agent OR the airline directly, to verify that your flights are departing or arriving at the scheduled times as there can be a schedule revision from the airline's side, either before or after flight reservation and ticket issuance.
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